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My hometown, a village locating beside a small river, is a wonderful place with beautiful scenery surrounded. because of the poor geographical environment and without an asphalt road, the whole village is poor and people’s lives are tough. generally, people grow rice and some other crops for a living.

Most young people work at the city, leaving their parents and children at home, which is the status of the vast majority of rural area. it seems that only in this way can rural people live a better life.


Huangmei is my hometown. it is in the east in hubei.it is east on the city named anqing of anhui.and it is south to the city named jiujiang of jiangxi. it is a great city in my heart.it has a long history for about 1800 years in china .example .the temple named sizu and wuzu were in huangmei for a long years-old.today,every year many visitor come different part to there.as a daughter from huangmei.

I leaved it away for about seven years. but i miss it everyday .even in a lot of my dream in the night .i belive huangmei will be richer and richer .the new year 2009 will going .tonight i hope everything will be well in my new 26 years-old.all my friends will be well.i must work hard in the new year.i will be ain growth as my hometown .



  Everyone has his own hometown, everyone's hometown scenery is very beautiful all year round, all the year round my hometown scenery is no exception. Now, let me take you to see!

  Flowers in full bloom in the spring, my hometown, mild scent into my nose, willow out buds, the river run to edge sing, voice are playing and floret grass, look, they had more time!

  Summer, tree-lined, lush foliage, the whole village was very green. The cool under the tree, chat say ground, there are many children play with elder brother in the beautiful summer.

  Autumn, cool wind blowing, the orchard fruits, whiteness of cotton in the field... Look! There are many golden ocean. Oh, is the original pieces of paddy fields! The whole village is golden, autumn girl is hiding in a corner to eat the sweet fruit!

  Winter, although it does not snow in my hometown, but up in the morning, the fog with frost, leaves and white ice crystals! Little is studied also floating a few piece of ice, and winter brother is comfortable lying asleep on the ice!

  The scenery in my hometown all the year round is really beautiful! Do you like? Love can take time to look at! I am very welcome.

  Tell you, my hometown is in: the national treasure of fujian quanzhou dehua township, village head.









  Speaking of my hometown officer Lin, it is not famous town, but also has a charming scenery

  Hometown spring up dressed in full YanZhuang. You look! The branches have been slightly out of cyan, a string of rhododendrons, purples, blue-greens, outside the window began to hear birds chirp, is that the bird is singing the songs of spring! Under a after the rain, in my hometown in the rural, unripe brightness, all things beautiful. The sun, the hometown of stream was more limpid, ripple, with a golden light. Spring home appear vibrant, energetic.

  Summer home is covered with light green qiao summer gown. Early in the morning, busy honey bees. In the afternoon, cicadas in the trees of nights. At night, the cricket on the grass singing. Home has a pond, lotus was flourishing, dragonflies flying, is really "xiao-he only expenses furore, had" dragonfly stand above the hometown of the children in the lotus pond heartily enjoy joy: swimming, fishing, catching shrimp, lotus root.

  Home town of autumn wore a gold red solemn evening dress. In the home country, there is the red fruits. The leaves on both sides of the street,, falling rustling, issued a "rustling" sound, hometown of autumn is the season of maturity, is the harvest season, is a full season, it was the season of planting.

  Hometown changed into a plain white robe. Winter in my hometown on the streets of the town is full of snow, also was frozen on the telegraph pole. Snow, the snow like catkin, falling down like a photo, so beautiful. The snow has stopped, the roof of the village, fence, wooden shack, covered with a layer of snow everywhere. It's really a beautiful snow scene.

  A year the four seasons have different characteristics of hometown. My hometown although there is no how beautiful scenery, but in my eyes, my hometown scenery is the most beautiful forever!









  My hometown is beautiful place it stands near a wide river at the foot of low green hills. it has many tall buildings and wide streets. there are trees and flowers everywhere.

  But it has not always been like that. in the old days, it was a sad dirty little town. landlords and merchants lived in the few good houses. for the working people there were only dark, unhealthy rooms in old buildings and huts in narrow muddy streets. nearly everyone was poor and many had no work.

  Everything has changed since liberation. the people, led by the party, have got rid of the mud and dirt. they have put up schools, theaters, shops and flats. they have an assembly hall and a hospital. along the river they have built offices, hotels and parks. a lot of factories have sprung up. on the river, streamers and boats come and go busily, day and night. they carry the products of our industries to all parts of the country.

  I love my hometown, and i love its people. they also have changed. healthy and happy, they are going all out to build socialism.